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Espresso Coffee
Capp/Flat White/Latte/Long Black/Hot Choc/Chai
Large 4.50
Reg 3.90

Macchiato/Piccolo/Short Black
One Size 3.20

Coffee Extras
Mocha +80c
Extra Shot +60c
Flavour +80c

Coffee & Raisin Roast Deal
1 slice raisin and a coffee
Reg 5.00
Lrg 5.50
Add an extra slice for $1.50

Earl Grey/English Brekky/Green/Peppermint
Pot 4.00
Lrg 3.00
Reg 2.00

Cold Drinks
Lrg 7.50
Reg 5.50
Thickshake 7.50
Iced Coffee 7.50
Iced Choc 6.50


Items served only before 11am marked with *

*Big Brekky 17.95
Eggs, bacon, hash brown, beans, tomato, turkish toast

*Veggie Brekky 17.95
Eggs, hash brown, beans, tomato, turkish toast and your choice of haloumi or avo

*Bacon, Eggs & Toast 9.95

*Scrambled Eggs & Toast 8.95

Bacon & Egg Roll/Sandwich 7.00
2 eggs & bacon with your choice of sauce

Brekky Wrap 9.95
Egg, bacon, hash brown & haloumi

Postie Roll 9.00
Bacon, egg, hash brown with sauce

B.L.T. 7.00
Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a toasted sandwich

Brekky Extras
Beans/tomato/bacon/haloumi/avo/sausage 3.00ea
Hash brown 2.00ea

sandwiches – made to order

Ham/Chicken/Salmon or Tuna 5.50
Cheese 5.00
Add all salad for 3.50

Salad Sandwich 7.50

Steak Sandwich 9.50

Sausage Sandwich 6.00

Sandwich Extras
Have it on a roll 1.00
Have it on a wrap/turkish bread 1.50
Add on single salad items 1.00ea
Add avo 1.50


Chicken, cheese, avo 7.50

Ham, cheese, tomato 7.00

Cheese & tomato 6.00

Cheese 5.00

burgers & wraps

Plain Burger 8.00
Special meat patty served with lettuce, tomato, beetroot & onion

Lot burger 12.00
Like the plain burger, but better – add egg, bacon, pineapple and cheese

Schnitzel Burger 8.00
Homemade breast schnitzel served with lettuce and mayo

Fish Burger 8.00
Served with lettuce and tartare

Haloumi Burger 8.00
Grilled haloumi served with mesclun lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo and sweet chilli sauce

Schnitzel Wrap 9.50

Peri Peri Wrap 8.50
Chicken breast tenders with lettuce, tomato, mayo and peri peri sauce (hot!)

Burger and Wrap Extras
Cheese/pineapple/egg 1.00ea
Bacon 1.50

Make it a Meal Deal
Choose a burger or wrap & add 3.50 to get a can of drink and side of chips

hot food

Schnitzel/Fish/Haloumi/Filo Pastry
with salad 17.95

with salad & chips 19.95

Chips 4.00

Chips, cheese & gravy 6.00

Wedges 6.50
served with sour cream and sweet chilli

Homemade potato scallops 1.50ea

Chiko roll 3.00

Spring roll 3.00

Homemade battered sav 3.00

Piece of fish 6.00

seafood deals

Fish & Chips 10.00

Cocktails & Chips 11.00

Flathead & Chips 12.00

Calamari & Chips 12.00

Small Seafood Basket 13.00
Two each of: fish cocktails, salf & pepper squid, calamari, prawn cutlets

Large Seafood Basket 22.00
Four each of: fish cocktails, salf & pepper squid, calamari, prawn cutlets

Check out our cake fridge for our famous homemade slices
Vanilla slice, raspberry & coconut slice, caramel slice, apple & sour cream slice
Various homemade filos and savoury slices also available!